Vintage & Antique Consignment

Come down to the shop to view a full contract – here is an Overview of Consigning with us:

Initial List: Please Read and Initial that you have acknowledged each topic

___  Consignor must be legally entitled to put items on consignment, pick up monies for items sold

 ___  Consignor receives 50% of sold price(once items sells, it will take 3-5 days to be posted) **

 ___  Consignments are for 45 days, I acknowledge that I have a 5 day period to pick up my items **

 ___  Markdowns are at 30 days, up to 50% off **

 ___  Pricing – final decision on prices will be determined by store staff/management

 ___  Items left longer than 50 days become property  of “Alice’s Consignment Shop”, we do not have extra storage for your items  **

 ___  “Alice’s” is not responsible for damage to your items due to fire, flood, earthquake, theft or accident.

 ____ Check for sold items to be picked up in the store within 90 days from Consignment start.

If you do not pick up your money due on your account within the time period for each Consignment, you will

forfeit any monies due. Your Card will give the 90th day. (we do not have any extra storage like our last shop)

as 0f 1/1/2012



  1. Rob Ceballos

    Hi Alice,

    I wonder if you’d take a look at these posts I have on Craig’s List to see if the dresser and desk are something you would be willing to consign; I’m tired of the Craig’s List Routine.

    Dresser –
    Desk –

    Thank You!
    Rob Ceballos

  2. Rob Ceballos

    Will do, Thanks Sarah! I’ll try and do it this weekend… will call first. This is Rob from the Hess Collection BTW. Good to talk to you again!

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