Thanks for Supporting us!

 We just wanted to say THANK YOU again to everyone who supports our shop! Everyday we try hard to offer our customers the types of items that you are looking for.  AND of course the experience you are looking for! We have two new amazing shop girls – Kelli M & Diana G to brighten up your shopping experience – come say “Hi” to the new Shop Girls!
Our shop is such a fun spot full of Vintage to Antique items and everything inbetween. We love when our customers come in, get inspired, purchase an item for their home, self or a friend! Usually they bring their friend in the next day or so for the same experience. We hope that you have had an excellent experience in our shop…
Here is some great feedback from some of our fab customers….
Hello Alice & the girls,
I just wanted to leave my kudos as well! Ever since I set foot in your store in 2005 (I believe it was), I have fallen in love with the atmosphere, aura and ambiance of your shop! My husband David and myself always think of you first, when we are looking for a new old treasure – may it be a furniture piece, ornaments, accessories, etc., or simply a comforting and uplifting conversation! You and your team truly are living the spirit of another time! Our favorite consignment shoppe  — Christina R
 You guys are the very best in the valley! From the warm greeting to the fantasic selection and prices! Thanks for being here!  — Annie R
 I have been to a few consignment shops in my day, and most of them have been complete Crap. Alice’s was a complete turn around from this. A refreshing and interesting hodge podge of Antiques, I was smiling as I walked though here. I defy you to go here and not buy something. Go here!  — Dean J.
 Feel free to send us any comments or post your comments on Yelp!
More reviews of our shop on Yelp!
Our Estate Sales in February were very successful – thanks for coming by and shopping! Here is the feedback from the owner’s:
2nd Letter
See you at the shop! Alice, Sarah & the NEW Shop Girls Diana & Kelli!

About Napa Vintage Market

Vintage, Antique & Modern Market - Located in Downtown Napa

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