Antique Chandelier, Vintage Cocktail, Antique Scale & Vintage Fur Recycled

The last 2 weeks have been so fun at the new shop. We are still getting the hang of things, but ready for fall & winter! We are changing out our Vintage Halloween window display(sold the table it was on) and are designing a Vintage Boudoir Scene with a Antique Chaise Lounge, Mannequin with Antique Velvet Cape, Vintage Lamps, Roseville Pottery, Vintage Art, etc.. Pics to be posted later this week.

Lovely Antique Chandelier came in last week – seems to be of brass and beautiful glass crystals. Take a peek

Antique Scale came in, would be great in a kitchen with fruit and veggies displayed in it!

Vintage Parts Bar – We will be adding Vintage Pieces weekly, our customers are loving it! Antique Door Knobs, Locks, Hinges, Wall Sconces, Mah Jong pieces for art/jewelry, Vintage Ballerina Cake Toppers,  ABC Blocks for kiddos names…. and of course so much more. We have barely even filled it up and have tons more in storage to add to the parts bar….

Vintage Cocktail Bar Items are so colorful and fun! Perfect for an afternoon/evening with friends. I love the tall Orange Vintage Cocktail pitcher with round glasses.

On to Jewelry by Juliet. Juliet uses found bits and pieces of fur, jewelry, beads, feathers, leather, etc… and creates these amazing one of a kind pieces. She is a true craftswoman who is constantly designing in her head her next pieces. She is detail oriented, has a way with color and creates sturdy, wearable pieces of art. Here are photo’s of some of the items she has consigned with us, more to come in the next month or so.

Jet Black Beads, Black Glass Flower and Fur Collar

Brass leaf Fur Cuff, would match the Jet Black Bead & Fur Necklace in pic above.

Gorgeous Peacock Feather & Bead Earrings

Powder Blue Leather & Pinkish/Orange Feather & Stone Earrings with Lovely Bead work, just beautiful!

Sassy Red Feather Earrings and Red Studded Fur Cuff

Leather, Beads & Copper Feather Earrings

Fur & Chain Necklace - need I say more!

The word on the street is that there is going to be an Ice Rink one block from our shop Nov-Jan…. Napa on Ice!! We are super excited for all the families here in Napa to have such a fun thing to do this winter…

Halloween is coming… what are you wearing??

Have a great week!

– Alice, Sarah & the Shop Girls


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  1. Love the antiques parts bar

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