Creative zone at Alice’s Shop in Napa….

Our vision has come together! We have a wall of Vintage Doors topped with Corrugated Metal, kept the Vintage Tile from years past, added New Flooring where it was needed, Painted everything, windows are washed, Business Cards are made and ready. Just waiting to have Signage made(which will start this week), you are going to LOVE the signs…. I’m not even going to describe them, we want them to be a surprise!

So the store is packed right now with boxes, furniture & misc everywhere! So now it is time to switch gears from moving into being creative! That is our favorite part…. our wall space is much taller than our last shop so we get to play vertically more and create interesting visual displays. We will have lots more space for great art, little shelving units for fine housewares, jewelry cases for local/bay area jewelery and soo much more. We are so excited about our new shop, the space feels great, positive vibes all around… thanks for all your support! We will let ya know when our doors will be open for your enjoyment…

See ya soon, Alice, Sarah & the Shop Girls




About Napa Vintage Market

Vintage, Antique & Modern Market - Located in Downtown Napa

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