We wanted a new look…

so we change our marketing/advertising appearance – what do ya think? love it/hate it?

We have been running different idea’s by eachother and none stuck. So I started playing with images that I already had instead of reinventing the wheel! The new shop decor is vintage doors so I thought we could use one on the business card. First I used an image that turned out looking like a record/album cover – fun but wasn’t quite right. Then Darian(our shop girl) sent me over a pic of one of the fabulous vintage doors we have at the old shop. I loaded it up, used picnic for photo manipulation and after about 8 hours of trial and error, magic! We all love it, the facebook public loves it, so here it is, a pic of the front and back of the card (sorry it is pixelated).

The door is from a farm house in Yountville and will be apart of the wall decor. So come on down and check out the new shop, we should be opening late July, early August(we’ll let ya know).

see ya soon, Alice, Sarah & the Shop Girls





About Napa Vintage Market

Vintage, Antique & Modern Market - Located in Downtown Napa

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