Sarah Lane Studio – Photo Shoot – “Our Hands for Hope”

Recently we loaned Sarah Morris Lane at Sarah Lane Studios Vintage Dresses & Hats for a photo shoot she was doing. She needed some bright and subdued colors to work with. Sarah is amazingly talented and has such vision! The photos turned out amazing and are for a great cause!  Sarah Lane Studio Website – check it out!

The Photo Shoot was for “Our Hands for Hope”, a company helping Peru, please read the article here:

Our Vintage Dresses and Hats were used to help showcase the items “Our Hands for Hope” sells. You can view the lovely sweaters, wraps, hats, etc here:

Thanks Sarah Lane for letting us help you with your fabulous photo shoot! Anytime girl….

Sarah Lane Studio Website – check it out!


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  1. I came over to share some photos with you when I saw you on Facebook and you’ve already seen them! Thank you for your loan and can you believe what a fantastic job Sarah and Damion did?
    this photo shoot was amazing. We are to be featured in an online magazine “Joie” in September also. I had heard form my friend Marie that you were moving too. Fun to see the photos here.
    blessings to you,

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