Let it be….

“I would sooner fail than not be among the greatest.” – John Keats

Sums up how we feel after hibernating for 4 months…. we come out swinging! I hope something you see today inspires you to be your best….

Spring is here! Come on down and pick out a planter(various sizes) and  some seeds for planting – $0.25!

We have a “looking for” board full of items our fabulous customers are hunting for! Check it out next time you are in, perhaps you have an item one of our customers is seeking or perhaps you have an item you are looking for?? I collect 1920-30’s german pincushion dolls…. have any??

Darling Vanity would look great in your home!

Craftsman Desk(medium, great size!), Fun Phone Desk(chair attached!), Tea Cart, Wicker Vanity, and sooo many eclectic items to furnish your home with!

Wicker Desk, Pink Impala Figure by Haeger(my fav), Vintage Italian Bicycle and Accordeon(behind bike), Yellow(!) Doll House  …..

Flower Pots and Iron Gate/Fencing…..

Sterling Silver! We have just filled up a case with sooo many beautiful consigned items…. plus we have perfume bottles to add! There are many great pieces that would be nice as gift’s …. beautiful Cherub Mirror, Brush and Comb set!

and one final goody! 1950-60’s formica peach crackle top table and 4 chairs. The Chairs are an off white color. Have a kitchen this would look great in??

That’s it for now! We are blessed to be getting another load of furniture in 2  weeks with some amazing pieces! I’ll try and post…. or just come on down!

**new addition** Duncan Phyfe with 6 chairs!!

If we don’t see you this week, perhaps next…. so have a great one and be your best….

About Napa Vintage Market

Vintage, Antique & Modern Market - Located in Downtown Napa

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