New 50 % off Room ….. Gotta LOVE a deal….

 Thanks for the  – SQUIRREL –  Ginny Davis – her website……


Heywood Wakefield Table with 4 chairs, Aqua Franciscan, Turner Print, Haeger Impala’s….. I love Aqua and Pink together!


Wicker Vanity – beautiful! 2 piece…. $325

Rusty Fire Truck – would be great for display…. $175

Children’s area….. assortment of Vintage Clothes, items for your kiddo’s room, display pieces…..

Vintage Set of Children’s Chaps…. darling! Tan set $145, Blue set $125

Blue & White Vintage Boys coveralls….. $36

Black Glass in Case – 25% off….. class up a room with a beauitful vase or bowl…. treat yourself and your friends to a nice cup of tea/coffee in a black glass cup and saucer….

 Amazing Kimono’s! We received a collection of 15 Japanese Kimono’s in excellent condition…. you should come down and check them out… true works of art! They range in price from $150-700….


We will be getting wall hangers for some of the kimono’s…. just lovely!

Come on by and chekout our ever changing store…. getting in 2-4 truck loads of furniture next week from 3 different consigners…. always accepting your great items for consignment… looking forward to seeing you! Sarah

p.s. come on down and check out our 50% off room, it is packed with tons of goodies and deals…..


About Napa Vintage Market

Vintage, Antique & Modern Market - Located in Downtown Napa


  1. Maureen McNeil

    Hi Alice,

    I used to live on the corner of Yount and Yajome, and I wish you were there back then, or I was still there now. I’m not in Napa anymore, but nearby.
    I’m in town often, and I’m anxious to check out your store. It’s more than that, I’m freakin over the items you have posted.
    Re: the sale in May. Is it on? Are you still looking for vendors? Please let me know, and I’ll bring in some of my wares. I’m not sure if they will fit in with the rest, (Ya know, I’m turning 50 on Monday, March 1st, and I’m still not sure if I fit in with the rest.) Anyway, they are pretty cool, and want to start selling them. I’m a little timid, it seems.
    Thank you, Maureen McNeil
    P.S. I have many items I would like to consign, (or trade), so I’ll bring them, too!

  2. ellen

    hi. iv’e been looking to redo my room in vintage style. i’m really interseted in old fashioned and vintage clothing and furnature, along with other things from around the era of oliver twist. i was wondering if you had any clothes that might posibly fit a tiny 13 year old girl. ive always been super slim, and its hard to find clothes. me and my friend love to play games where we live in that era, so i was looking for costume. thanks.

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